The Truth

The truth about Freddy Koenig or Fred Koenig. Fred and His GuitarIt started before I was a teenager and continued till my late 20’s. I had a reoccurring dream that I could float. I’m sure the dream occurred well over 100 times.

It was one of those realistic dreams where I totally experienced the sensations of the dream. I usually floated in a room and would usually stay just below the ceiling. Sometimes I would float outside and never above tree tops or high lines. I would always welcome the experience and absolutely enjoyed the relaxed way it made me feel. Nothing in real life is as comfortable as my “dream floating” or “dream levitating”.

I felt proud that I had developed the skill to accomplish this most unusual feat. It took a lot of effort and most of all concentration.

There were a few times when I was unable to “dream float” or “dream levitate”.  I finally realized that I would have to try again in another dream.

That was many years ago but I can still recall the peaceful and most pleasant experience.

I had another reoccurring dream that I was driving a car about five miles south of Columbus, Texas. There is a curve in the highway and at that exact spot the car began to float. It would tilt at the curve as an airplane might do on a turn.

The entire dream was in slow motion. Here again the feelings were very real. There were other people in the dream but I did not know them.

This dream reoccurred many times in the 1960’s decade. There were other minor details that always accompanied the dream.

OK, Are you ready for this?

One day while driving home from Austin with my wife I was taking that exact curve and mentioned that “this is the exact spot where I had the reoccurring dream of floating in my car”. This was now in the early 1970’s.

Nancy immediately said that she experienced the same dream many times in the 1960’s. All the details were the same and at the exact spot of my dream. We had obviously shared an exact dream many times over 10 years ago. I lived in El Campo, Texas and she lived in Wharton, Texas at the time. We did not know each other. One other fascinating fact is that when our paths finally crossed we were drawn to each other with such a strong compelling force that we had no choices. We had fallen in love. Yes, this is a “love story”, not just “telepathic connecting”. I can truthfully say that after all these years I still love Nancy. I am also convinced that she still loves me because she scratches my hairy back”. It was all meant to be. We are not weird people or practice weird behaviors. Our interests and thoughts are that of any normal person on this earth. We fish, played music, love pets, raised children, and both are school teachers.

Nancy was a witness to my “Out of body experience” and I was a witness to the same for her.

Nancy is now an elder in her church and I am just a normal Texas redneck struggling with growing old.

We have no reason to tell any lies and have no explanation for the shared dream.

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