Freddy Koenig the “Psychedelic Relic”

Fred Koenig started his musical career at the El Campo JR. High school. He got in trouble for singing in class. For his punishment, Bill Dowden made him sing in class hoping Fred would be embarrassed. Fred requested a week to rehearse. It was granted. Fred borrowed a guitar and learned to play an Everly Brothers song. He was a hit. The kids cheered. Fred never looked back. He saw his calling. Fred, George Svoboda, Kenneth Raska, Elton Knuppel, and Wayne Knuppel started a band called Freddy Koenig and the Jades.

They played and recorded for over a decade. That was the 1960’s. Charlie Booth and Huey Meaux were their producers.

They ended up as the foundation for a 22 piece orchestra called “The National Rock Opera Company” and toured the southern states performing Jesus Christ Superstar. After that Fred teamed up with Nancy as a duo. The duo became a five piece band playing a Ramada Inn in Harlingen, Texas six nights a week for eleven years. Sometimes they would take some time off to tour the United States performing at other Ramada and Holiday Inn’s. That was the 1970’s.

After that Fred and Nancy became a duo again and worked out of West Columbia, Texas. Fred has performed with many successful entertainers including Johnny Rodriguez, Randy Travis, Glen Campbell, Bobby Blue Band, Johnny and Edgar Winters, Freddy Fender, Mickey Gilley, and many more.

At one time B.J. Thomas of B.J. Thomas and the Triumphs left the Triumphs to join the Jades. Roy Head of Roy Head and the Traits also joined the Jades but was drafted before they really got things going.

Fred has had a lot of success in his recording career and continues to do so. In the 1960’s he even signed up and released records with RCA Victor and Capital Records.

His recordings are now promoted all over the world including France, Germany, Japan, South America, and you name it. He is known as the “psychedelic relic” because of his psychedelic recordings in the time of the Woodstock festival 0f 1969 and the Monterey festival of 1967. He played some of the same clubs Jimmy Hendrix played in San Antone, Texas. He developed a psychedelically influenced style of guitar that led to his most recent CD released in 2010.