Freddy Koenig and the Jades

By admin on Tuesday, February 16th, 2010

The Jades - George, Wayne, Kenneth, Elton, & Fred

This Cd was started over 50 years ago by Freddy Koenig and the Jades. “Into The Sun” was recently enhanced with a touch of John Denver and others. The Jades stayed together for about 15 years and after some recording success evolved into the foundation for a 22 piece orchestra called “The National Rock Opera Company”. They toured the southern performing Jesus Christ Superstar.

The breakup of the Jades was the beginning of”Fred & Nancy” who also toured the United States. During that time Fred enhanced his guitar playing into a style that is definitely influenced by the Woodstock and Monterey festivals and the psychedelic times of his early career. All 3 CD’s are collector items due to the minimum number made.

These 9 guitar instrumentals are a product of the whole 50 year trip. The three vocals were written and recorded by Fred in the early 60’s. At the age of 15, Fred wrote “How’s He Gonna Find Me”. It is interesting to note that as a teenager during the psychedelic movement Fred was aware that if he could not find himself it would be difficult to be saved. It was not all hippies, protests, peace signs, love, sex, drugs, and festivals to everyone. It is also interesting that 50 years later Fred released the answer to that song. It is song number 10 on the CD, The Answer – John 3:16.

Songs on the CD:
1. Soul of A Longhorn
2. Into the Sun
3. We are Family
4. Psychedelic Coon Sass
5. Psychedelic Relic
6. I Feel Good
7. Psychedelic Jazz
8. Psychedelic Christmas
9. Saint James Infirmary
10. The Answer John 3:16
11. Hey Clarice
12. How’s He Gonna Find Me

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