Harmonica In the New Millennium

By admin on Tuesday, February 16th, 2010

“Harmonica In the New Millennium” is a CD that was recorded near Houston, Texas with help from some of the best that Nashville has to offer. It not only was created for your enjoyment but also may be used to learn the harmonica. There are 20 practice songs allowing you to learn to play country, blues, jazz, and rock if you use them all. They are all recorded in A=440 so it will be in tune with your harmonica. You will receive instruction on practicing with each song. Learn the way all harmonica players learn. Learn “by ear”. Most of the songs are in the key of A so you don’t have to buy several harmonicas. Just play along with the CD and in no time at all you will be playing the harmonica. If you are not interested in learning then get ready for some of the most exciting harmonica music of the new millennium.

Songs on the CD:
1. Would You Go To Jail For Me
2. Randy Travis Battle Dance
3. Charlie Musslewhite, James Cotton, Blind Mississippi Morris, and Me
4. Glen Campbel’s Greasy Mouth
5. Roy Head Was First
6. Jesus Thinks I’m A Jerk
7. Church Music for 16 and 20
8. The Johnny Rodriguez Nightmare
9. BJ Thomas and Aluminum
10. Johnny Winter’s Left Hand
11. Mickey Gilley’s Intros
12. I’m White No Thanks To You Johnny Copeland
13. I Love Jesus
14. Bourbon Street, Jesus is Watching
15. Bobby Bland Back Stage
16. Another Texan Has The Blues
17. Jesus and Nancy
18. He’s Not Here Yet
19. Jef Mayes Blues
20. Jazz for Jesus

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